What is the benefits?

Membership in AGAMY has many benefits. The most important privilege, however, is the chance to work in an organized national team and to contribute to the establishment of Islam in The Gambia. While this can be done through many organizations, AGAMY members realize that there is something unique about AGAMY: Tarbiya, organized Islamic work, movement orientation, brotherhood/sisterhood, moderation, comprehensiveness, personal development, The Youth Muslim identity, moving people, Conveying Islam with utmost Clarity, and more. No other organization in The Gambia does what we do, the way we do it.

Membership Responsibilities

  1. Be a legal resident of The Gambia.
  2. Support the Mission, Vision, Goals, Projects, and Activities of AGAMY and to adhere to its decisions.
  3. Complete the membership form.
  4. Pay membership dues.
  5. Be bound by the provisions of this constitution, rules and regulations promulgated by the organization.
  6. Be on schedule with the contribution of such fees and subscriptions as may be fixed by the organization.
  7. Play active role in the realization of AGAMY’s objectives.
  8. Uphold and defend the moral and material rights of the organization at all times.
  9. Not use their membership rights to further personal interest.